Escolas de Balonman Xiria – Spain

The Escola Balonmán Xiria is a sports club belonging to the Sports Association Xiria born in 1983.The Escolas de Bolonman “Xiria” (Handball school “Xiria”) is situated in the Spanish region of Galicia, between Santiago de Compostella and La Coruna.


The organisation works since 1983 on sports education of local youth through various sports. Its members not only play sports, also many of them currently work as trainers, managers, etc. in the structure of the organisation.

The organization has diversified its activity not only in various sports, also in other activities such as urban summer camps, cultural activities (such as XiriaPop Festival, where acted many international groups and singers) and participation in one Project Action 1.3 of Youth In Action Program.

It is dedicated to the practice of handball and it has got basic categories and senior teams, both male and female. The teams participate  Nationwide and in some international tournaments.

In addition, during the summer months made, for 20 years, Summer Schools (Escuelas de Verano), where not only practiced handball, but covers all kinds of recreational- educational activities.

Locally, Xiria also involved conducting cultural activities as: Xiria Pop Festival where act national and international bands and singers, action on draft 1.3 of the Youth in Action program, and specific activities as handball beach , I Green Fest Nigh , etc.

The link that has the Escola Balonmán Xiria with local social inclusion lies in the Summer Schools( Escuelas de Verano). In them, inclusion is one of the objectives of the program. It encourages participation of all children in the community: children at risk of social exclusion, the disabled, immigrants, club players and everyone who wants to participate.

As a club sport, social inclusion is not within the objectives to be achieved, but if practiced for years, as an implicit objective. The Trainers encourage team spirit, not-discrimination and fellowship.

The Escola Balonmán Xiria cooperates with the Government of Carballo in the space of sports and Social Services, the Red Cross Carballo (Cruz Roja Carballo) voluntary humanitarian organization, Youth Association Proxectando and other associations.

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