Associazione Culturale Enzimistudio Italy

The Cultural Association Enzimistudio mainly focus his work providing educational and training support to many local organizations working into the educational, social and cultural fields. Enzimistudio is a non-profit organization made up of educators, trainers, “animators” having different skills and competences. (i.e. information and training and social work and sport activities) and artistic experiences such as video, painting, installation, photography. Enzimistudio usually proposes workshops and other educational activities addressed to children, youngsters and adults with less opportunities living in suburban areas of Turin.

Six years ago (2005) ENZIMI started to co-operarte with the International Youth Exchange Office – Youth Policy Department of the Turin City Council. Enzimistudio take care of the carrying out of local and international activities based on Non Formal Education principles (Animazione Sociale) and also on sport as a tool of inclusion.

At the moment Enzimistudio is realinsing some video clips and moves focused on sport as an instrument for fighting against discrimination and xenophobia. Enizimistudio is currently carrying out events such as seminars, training activities, thematic debates and so on.

In the last three years Enzimistudio started to co-operate in the sport field with the Post Olympic Foundation Turin City ofOlympic Winter Games, 2006.

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